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Sunday, 19 February 2017


Monday, 13 February 2017

NEW MUSIC: Show me Love - Desai David

Now "show me love" is a song from a man and for men who are chasing after God. Who have realised that God is all in all and they can't do without Him. It's a song of prayer for the street boy, the unchurched, the pastor of the elite and for every congregation and denomination that calls on the name of Jesus.

Borne out of pure desire for God, I'm sure without an iota of doubt that "show me love" will induce your longing.

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Idea 4 of 52 - Value addition – Packaged Sliced Carrot

1.    The Idea

There seems to be a lot of Carrots in circulation this season, and I kept seeing the sellers from Northern Nigeria with their wheelbarrows loaded with carrots.

This led me to making the fourth (4th) business startup Idea in our series to be about Value Addition – Repackaged Carrots.

This idea is about getting your supply of Carrots from a Northern Nigeria farmer in wholesale price, then look for a way to get it sliced or diced. This could be done using a machine or by hand (more labour intensive and time consuming). After the carrot is sliced or cut into cubes or little chunks, the Carrot is repackaged into suitable waterproof bags  (leather –as some Nigerians call it) then sealed. For better effect, attach your label, which should contain your contact details, ingredients used and other relevant information (e.g. NAFDAC number, best use date.)

The packaged sliced carrots will then be refrigerated and supplied to supermarkets, departmental stores, Malls (Spar, shoprite) etc. so that people can easily buy them and use in their food preparation. Some applications of sliced carrots are shown in the images below.

As seen above, it can be packed with other vegetables to get a fine blend of Mixed vegetables.

Here is a good thread on Nairaland where you can get more information on getting Agro products from the North for business. You could check it out later.

Your indomie noodles can come to life with the addition of some sliced carrots.

Fancy making Moroccan salad, follow this link

So a Summary of the Business Idea;

1)   Understand the whole supply chain before jumping in.
2)   Get you a Carrot Supplier, Negotiate cost and discounts
3)   Process it (Wash, Dice, Package, Seal, Label)
4)   Supply to Supermarkets and other departmental stores

N/B: Some people will prefer the very fresh carrot that they buy themselves and prepare by themselves. However, there are probably lots of others who do not mind, plus we have a sizeable population in Nigeria that could be served by your product. Think Big, look at the brighter side, but still consider other concerns.

1.    The Market

It is important to do your research on the available market before committing resources into any Business venture. With this one, you should go check at the Supermarkets and other Stores with refrigerating capacities and sections (Shoprite, Spar) so you can have an idea of what it is they currently have and what it would entail for you to supplier your packaged sliced cook ready carrots.
The demand may vary from place to place so it is important one is equipped with the relevant research information.

2.    The Business

Value Proposition: Well-prepared, ready to cook, sliced carrots, preserved and packaged in such a way that the nutrients are intact.
Customer Segment:
Distribution Channels: Phone sales, Sales force, Middle agents and Distributors, Online (social media, blogs etc.), TV, radio and other adverts.
Customer Relationship: Meet the big stores directly, understand their needs and requirements and do all to meet them.
Key Activities: Buying, Food processing and Packaging, Selling, Logistics, Quality control.
Key Resources: Production equipment and facility, Workforce (Marketers, Food processing support staffs, logistics team)
Key Partners: Wholesale Carrot sellers, Carrot Farmers, Stores, Supermarkets and other retail outlets, Government Food standards Agencies (NAFDAC)
Cost Structure: Production equipment (cutters, slicing machines), Logistics (Transportation), Registrations & Licensing, Health and safety certifications, Marketing and Sales promotion, Salary and commissions.
Revenue Stream: Sales made from selling the Product.

3.    Competition

There seems to be no strong barriers to enter into this business, which makes the possibility of competition high as many others could start this and serve as competition. Whatever the case may be, you would need to seek for competitive advantages over others. This can come from, lower cost, more availability than others, good customer service (after sales support), consistent supply to big customer. Etc.

4.    Risks

Be sure to understand the carrot season cycle in Nigeria and how the wholesale prices would be affected, so that you do not have a cash-flow problem or incidence of not meeting contractual agreement for customer supply.
The restive situation in the Northern part of Nigeria as regards to feuds between farmers and herdsmen could easily affect supply of the carrot at any moment in time.

5.    Financial estimates

One would need to carry out research on the associated cost in the following areas:
·      Cost of Truck-load of Carrots. Small scale startup would involve less cost.
·      Processing equipment. (Slicing , Sealing machine, etc.)
·      Staff (food processing assistants, sales, delivery)
·      Registrations, licensing, health and safety certifications


Add value to that carrot and resell it. Join in this probably profitable food supply chain.

Remember it is important to seek professional advice before jumping into any Business venture.

There’s only so much that can be said in one article…

So until next week, Stay inspired…

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Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Idea 3 of 52 - Graphics and Print media Consultant (Mr Ebis)

Idea 3 of 52 - Graphics and Print media Consultant

1. The Idea

This is one Business you can start with little or no funds. I once came across this idea many years ago in a Newspaper article and it made some sense, and so I would share in this weeks Idea 3 post of our 52 ideas series.

All you would need to have is the ability to talk (sell your service), negotiate (your cut) and deliver (job well done)

Step 1.
Go to any printer’s shop, preferably the ones with industry type machines capable of doing big jobs and can offer reasonable discounts for bulk jobs.
Introduce yourself as a Print consultant and ask to know how the printer charges. Take note of their charges, and negotiate the discounts they can offer for bulk jobs. Also ask for sample prints they have done in the past. Ask to go with some samples.

Step 2
Get in touch with a very good graphics designer. Ask for his/her rates they charge. Negotiate discount for the referring jobs to them. Ask to get samples of past Job they have designed.

Step 3
Understand the whole supply chain.
You get a Print Job – You contact the designer to design – get the design and meet the printer to Print the Job – You deliver the finished Printed Job to your Client.

Step 4
Having secured your partners in your supply chain, you will next need to look for the Job. You can advertise on Job listing sites, you could spread the word to family, friends and anyone you meet of your ability to deliver quality print Jobs.
When you get the Job, ensure to deliver as promised. To get quality finished print Jobs, you will need to factor that in choosing the other players in your supply chain (Graphics designers, Printer).

Step 5
Continue to get Jobs done through the steps 1-4 listed, while you take classes on Graphics designing by the side. As you get better at designing, you will soon cut out the step 2 and increase your revenue by handling the designing Job yourself. As your earnings come in, try your best to save some towards purchasing your own printer machine, so that in due time you can cut out step 1 and print the jobs yourself. Soon you will be running the entire supply chain by yourself. This would all require focus and a great deal of commitment on your part.

2. The Market

If you take a trip to the area in your city where most of the bulk printer businesses are operated, you will see the buzzing activities and could get more ideas on what sorts of things are mostly printed. Every weekend, there could easily be a Burial ceremony, wedding, conference, Church and other religious event that would need Print Jobs. Program of activities, flyers, banners, handbills, tracts, posters, business cards, invitation cards, offering envelopes etc, are some examples of items that would need print services.

3. The Business

Value Proposition – Quality graphics design and print services
Customer Segment – Event organisers, religious & corporate organisations, Political parties, schools, etc and a host of other scenarios where print jobs are required.
Customer Channels – Phone, Online (Social media), Events, Business listing sites and pages.
Customer Relationship - Direct
Key Activities – Selling, Negotiating, customer service, Designing, Printing, Delivering, Quality control, logistics
Key Resources – Graphics designer, Bulk printer (Direct imaging), Customer service assistants, sales team, delivery team, dedicated phone lines, etc
Key Partners – Bulk Printer service providers, corporate and religious organisations, Graphics designer (freelancers), event vendors, business listing companies, etc,
Cost structure – Call credit, transport, advert placements, networking expenses
Revenue – Commission and referral bonuses

4. Competition

Most of the time, in places where they have need of regular printing jobs, like in churches for their events, there is a high probability that somebody would already have the Contract to Print for them. So in order to break in, it is important to have a strong competitive advantage strong enough to displace the existing person offering the service.

Better Service Delivery – Regular calls to give client update on the job stages,
Prompt delivery, Quality print jobs could serve as some competitive advantage.

5. Risks

In the print business as in other businesses, certain unforeseen circumstances could happen. The printer could print a very poor quality Job and could expect you to still pay for it. Some delays could happen that could cost you money. In all, be prepared and plan for such. Enter into signed agreements where necessary and state clearly who will take responsibility on certain failures in the print job delivery.

6. Financial estimates

Dedicated phone line.
Call credit
Transport fare
Advert placements at business listing sites,
Networking expenses for meetings and attending events

For a start, you may not need to spend much on the above listed, however, having a good network or seeking to expand your network will go a long way in securing new jobs.


This 3rd Business Startup idea is intended to help those unemployed, ready to work individual who has little or no startup fund for Business. We saw that from strategically planning and implementing this idea, one can eventually get their own Business enterprise running. This could be apply in other sectors as well, where you can act as the middle man, look for who can produce, and take the produced item to meet the demand.

There’s only so much that can be said…

For more information, comments or feedbacks, get in touch.

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Wednesday, 11 January 2017

52weeks52Ideas - by MrEbis - Idea 2 of 52

Let me once again introduce you to a country with a very high rate of unemployment, Nigeria. It is not a secret in the sense that it is a common saying in Nigeria, that there are no Jobs. If this translates to mean that there is nothing to do, wouldn’t this present a country that is so perfectly working well, and neatly organized, having little or no vacancies for new workers or improvement upon what the situation is??


This is happens to not be the case with Nigeria as the following pictures will show you what is obtainable across different cities in Nigeria.

Before we see the pictures, let me share something that happened.

Some time ago, I was on www.Nairaland.com forum, where I saw a picture of one pedestrian bridge in Port Harcourt Nigeria, which was littered with rubbish, dumped there. This picture was posted by a Young Nigerian who seemed to want to slight the then leaders of the State as inferred from his post.

A thought came to my mind, What if? Just what if, instead of just taking a pic and sharing it on social media with derogatory remarks against the leadership of the state, He got some of his friends, they wear (hire) reflective vests, took a picture of the bad state at the top of the pedestrian bridge, then took a picture of them cleaning, and finally a picture of the new look. Then afterwards, juxtapose or pic-mix the three pictures, citing,

Before, During and After.
Contact XoXo cleaning professionals
0803X –xxx-xxx for your Corporate, Industrial,  and residential  cleaning services.

Imagine sharing that on Social media and it goes viral. Right there and then, a Business has been formed.

Remember, even if you may not be interested in this, you could read along to follow my thoughts just incase it could lead you into something else you may be inspired to do.

Read the full article http://agapedevcon.wixsite.com/home/single-post/2017/01/11/52weeks52Ideas---Business-Idea-2

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

52weeks52ideas - Business Startup Idea 1

1. The Idea
To begin our series, we start with one industry that will always remain, irrespective of the state of the economy: The Food industry. There is a common saying in Nigeria that goes like this; Man must ‘Wack’ (i.e. Man must eat). Food is highly important and it’s among the three (3) basic needs, along with clothing and shelter. In times of scarcity, the hardest hit businesses are the luxury ones. It is often said that it is hard to go wrong in food business, unless of-course you fail in food quality, hygiene, service delivery and presentation, then you should not even be in that business in the first place.

I present to you the first business start up idea in this series.

Different flavoured Coated Peanut snack

While you may not be so interested in this very business idea, you could still read through and get a feel of my thoughts, which may be useful to you in some other way

If you have stayed in Nigeria for a while, and also depending on your location, you may have come across this snack. It is probably the highest selling brand of coated peanuts being in Nigeria. Something happened recently and I had to describe this product to a friend and one funny way they could remember it was the amount of air that was used in packing it compared with the coated peanuts inside. The amount of air inside the pack is intentionally added to ensure that the packaged food product stay fresh and good for as long as possible.

However, this post is not about the Burger branded coated peanut, this is about something new that can be created like it.

One can introduce a brand new coated peanut product with different flavours such as, chocolate, Strawberry flavoured coated peanut, etc. To spice it up one could add some pepper (chilli). So this is the product we kick of this series with. An indigenous (made in Nigeria) well packed and branded flavoured peppered (not-peppered) coated peanut.

Here is a thread on Naira land on how to make coated peanut

Another link found

Peanut coating machine as seen on alibaba.com

There are some videos on YouTube on how to prepare this snack as well.


From the video, you can see how the Pot-like device is attached to a base and made to spin. You could show this to an engineer or a technically savvy person who will guide you on how best to locally construct your own peanut coating device. You will need a welder, a DC motor, the Pot among other things.


You should not go into this or any business if you are not ready to work, as it would also require your commitment and patience.

2. Why??? Is there a market for this?
There is a very large market for this, depending on the scale one desires and is able to operate. This is a good part to this idea, because it can provide small and medium scale employment with a relatively moderate initial capital and could be a large employer of labour if the operations are carried out in a large scale (Capital intensive).

The existing popular ‘burger’ brand of coated peanut appears to be manufactured outside Nigeria and is being sold in different parts of the World. Last Google search showed a manufacturer in Accra Ghana.

In recent times, there seems to be a scarcity of this product, which could be as a result of the previous importers having challenges due to the economic situation in Nigeria or the manufacturers could be preferring to send it to the US or UK where they could have a more favourable market. There is also a French inscription on the pack, meaning it is highly possible it is being sold in some other French speaking Countries. Or, probably they are having fewer retailers buy the product to sell. Another possibility is that the distribution may not be fully covering the whole of the country.
As a result of this, there is now a sort of chance that can be taken advantage of by a new-coated peanut product.
An example of a product not like the peanut but equally stepping up in popularity among Nigerians is the Mini-me chin-chin.

There was a year Nigerian female Singer Tiwa Savage took a break from her music career, and Chidinma (miss kedike) and Omawunmi as well were not really pushing out massive releases, A new female act emerged to fill the perceived vacuum. Her name is Yemi Alade (looking for my Johny). Same thoughts are applicable here and in other innovative pursuits. There are products in Nigeria that are not so popular or not doing so well, mainly because they are imported and their prices have in recent times doubled (fall in the naira value). This makes room for new made in Nigeria products (alternatives) or substitutes.
This article suggests that there is probably a market for a substitute coated peanut product which could be given extra attractiveness by producing different flavours, packing it in well printed and transparent packaging so that the customers can see through.  This can effectively compete with the more popular brands if there is sufficient thoughts and effort given to the product with a good competitive advantage.
It is a call for as many who can, to consider this and carryout their own research and verifications.

3. The Business model Canvas
The following business model canvas will give a broad picture of aspects to consider in creating a business around the coated peanut production. Could be adapted and interpreted by the intended business person, whether small time side hustler, small and medium scale enterprise operator. This may not be all encompassing but presents a start point, which could be improved upon.

-The value proposition
Provision of healthy snacks that could be very handy for consumers in those periods when they either just need something to snack on or really need something light to eat before they have a proper meal.

-Customer segment
There is hardly a defined customer segment for this product as it can cut across a wide spectrum of customers. The lower class, mid and upper classes could be a prospective customer. This is however important because it will play a part in how the product is packaged and the type of marketing strategy to employ. The good product branding (design and packaging) will influence how customers perceive the product and place value on it.
To further paint a picture of the customer segment
  • Drivers and commuters who patronise roadside snack retailers
  • Could be included in kids’ lunch packs (schools & Churches)
  • Those who normally buy the ‘Burger’ branded coated peanut.

-Customer Channels
  • Direct sales
  • Online Sales
  • Marketers, distributors and retailers
  • Customer service centres

-Customer Relationship
Mass – as it relates to the general mass of end consumers. This depends on the scale and volume of units produced and pushed to market.
Mass/Direct – There could be direct relationship as it relates to dealings with retailers and distributors that play the middlemen role of delivering your product to the end consumers.

-Key Activities
  • Manufacturing and Production
  • Marketing and Sales promotion
  • Logistics
  • Financial accounting
  • Research and Development (New varieties & process improvements)

-Key Resources
  • Financial (Start-Up &Working capital)
  • Field sales force & Customer service reps
  • Business developers
  • Quality control personnel
  • Legal consultants
  • Logistics and Operations manager

-Key Partners
  • Bank and other Investors
  • Government regulatory agencies(NAFDAC)
- Cost structure
  • Financial (Start-Up &Working capital)
  • Marketing and promotions
  • Salary and commissions
  • Registrations, legal (copyrights) and other licences

-Revenue streams
- Sale of product

4. Competition
There are substitute products in the market that could serve as stern competition to the New flavoured coated peanut, some of them are
  • There is a coated peanut product (selling for 10 naira a piece)
  • The Mini-me chin chin
  • Gala (all the various types)
  • Coconut crunchy (something like that)
  • In summary other food snacks sold in traffic (alternatives to this product)
As of today, there are no strong barriers to enter this market, so it will be open for new competitors to arise and hustle for market share. With a population of over 170 million people, I would imagine that there is big room for all as long as you come to the market with a good competitive advantage and well worked market strategy and if you think globally, there are markets outside Nigeria to serve.

5. Risk
  • Government policies and its effects on the prices of materials used. E.g flour, production equipment. It will be good to look more into this and how it affects the business
  • This is may not be appropriate as a main hustle business as the profit margin might not be enough for some people to live on.
  • Competing against a stronger already brand will not be an easy task as they could easily diversify and start producing their own version of your own product variety.
  • The bigger brands could penetrate in their marketingto reach the local environment you may be serving.
  • Cash crunch and low spending power of the buying population (Recession)

6. Financial estimates
The scale one decides to start with would largely determine the cost of operating this business.

But with as little as approximately 15, 000 naira, one can start on a small scale.

Small scale
  • Pots and other utensils
  • Production materials (food items) - Flour, egg, milk, flavouring, sugar etc.
On a bigger scale,
  • You will need more money, and also need to design some forms of automated device that will help in production (spinning the flour mixture)
  • Automation should not scare you, as there are people in Nigeria that can design and manufacture the device you will need.
  • A well designed and printed wrap (well branded packaging)
  • Distribution network (personal vans or 3PL)

End notes

The goal is to point some people in this direction in whatever scale they can afford so that we can at least help the unemployment situation we find ourselves today. Same thoughts and processes can be applied in other sectors of the food industry. Where there is a scarcity of one product, there is an opportunity for another one.

The problem has never been the problem, but the way we perceive (our perception of) the problems we face.

Remember having the idea is just the beginning; there is a whole lot more work to be done.

Thanks for joining me in this journey. If you have any thoughts, comments, ideas, feel free to share… I am open to learning of other ways I can be of help, or be better. Or if you have an idea and you don't mind sharing, get in touch. mrebis1@gmail.com

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Stay blessed, and best wishes till we you meet again next week….

Hint on Idea 2 - We will be doing something about our environment.

Sunday, 1 January 2017

New Project: 52 weeks / 52 Business Start-up Ideas for Nigeria


On returning to Nigeria after 5 years of studying in the United Kingdom, I noticed how seriously under-developed the Nigerian society was in terms of the unavailability of certain basic amenities and the seeming adverse effect of unemployment among the young.

I kept hearing people say that there are no Jobs in Nigeria, and all the stories about needing to know people at the top to get a chance at getting a good Job. It never made much sense to me.  I imagined a scenario which does attempts to explain the absurdity of the status quo.

A man comes home and sees the grasses overgrown, gutter filled with rubbish, the garden untidy with plastic and other pieces of paper trashed on the floor, inside the house upside down with tables and chairs upturned as though there was a teenage students fight at a night party the previous night. In summary the whole house is a mess (chaos).

The man enters into his house wondering what must have happened only to be cheerfully welcomed by his grown children and other members of his household who seemed happy to have him back. He wondered why they were all relaxed, at home, why the house was the way it was. Only to be given a most absurd response.

There are no Jobs......

Does this sound familiar? A country in a mess, things seem upside down and in same vein, we still have a problem of unemployment??

Leads me to the following questions,
Do you want a Job, or do you just want to be paid
Do you want to work, or do you just want to be fed.

While it may be possible to explain or attempt to make an excuse for such high level of unemployment where it appears there is a lot of work to be done, I believe there is a whole lot we all can do as Nigerians if we accept to take responsibility for ourselves, our people, our environment and the Country at large.

In the past one year I have seen loads of opportunities and had several ideas which can offer opportunities for business development and employment generation. To have ideas and imagine noble innovative solutions could come cheaply to some and not so cheaply to another, but it is much more work to bring such ideas to fruition. There is a whole lot of other things to put into consideration and high level of commitment and passion would be required as well to remain focused.

This project is hereby intended to share some of my ideas with everyone, hoping that as many that would try or commit themselves to making any one of these ideas come to life, would be able to provide both direct and indirect employment as well as help the local economy.

I would be stating the Ideas and would cover the following topical areas as regards the idea.

1. The Idea
2. Why??? Is there a market for this?
3. The Business model Canvas
     -The value proposition    
     -Customer segment       
     -Customer Channels
     -Customer Relationship 
     -Key Activities                 
     -Key Resources
     -Key Partners                  
     -Cost structure               
     -Revenue streams
4. Competition
5. Risk
6. Financial estimates

So, every wednesday, all through the year 2017, one business idea will be presented here.

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Thursday, 26 May 2016

BREAKING: Jose Mourinho appointed Manchester United manager

Jose Mourinho has been appointed as the new Manchester United manager, according to Sky Sports.
The 53-year-old agreed personal terms to take over the reins at Old Trafford on Tuesday but image rights negotiations meant an announcement was delayed.
Following Louis van Gaal’s sacking earlier in the week, the Red Devils have moved quickly to wrap up a deal for Mourinho.
The former Chelsea boss’ arrival had been the subject of speculation for months as a result of United’s poor form over the course of an underwhelming Premier League campaign.
The final nail in the coffin for Van Gaal was his side’s failure to achieve a top-four place and qualify for next season’s Champions League.
It will be Mourinho’s third managerial stint in the Premier League, after two spells at Stamford Bridge with varying degrees of success – the Special One has been out of work since December following his sacking by Chelsea.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

FLASH: Lagos Gov. @AkinwunmiAmbode Signs MOU To Build 38km-long 4th Mainland Bridge

FLASH: Lagos Gov. Signs MOU To Build 38km-long 4th Mainland Bridge To Be Completed In Three Years Without Federal Funding

Lagos State Government has signed a Memorandum of Understanding to begin the construction of the 38km 4th Mainland Bridge, expected to bring a 14-year old dream to reality.
The MoU was signed on Wednesday at the Banquet Hall, Lagos House, Ikeja.
The construction is expected to cost N844billion in a Public Private Partnership initiative and would be delivered in three years.
The need for the bridge had become imperative following the phenomenal growth of the State with a population of over 21 million people, which has in turn increased commercial activities and traffic gridlock, the state Governor, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode was quoted as saying in a press release signed by his chief press secretary, Habib Aruna.
“This has made it imperative for us to have a 4th Mainland Bridge that will serve as an alternative route to the Eastern axis and decongest traffic in the State,” he said.
“More importantly this bridge will provide the required transportation compliment to the rapidly growing industrial activities on the Eti-Osa – Lekki – Epe corridor of the State.”
He said the proposed alignment of the Bridge will pass through Lekki, Langbasa and Baiyeiku towns along the shoreline of the Lagos Lagoon estuaries, further running through Igbogbo River Basin and crossing the Lagos Lagoon estuaries to Itamaga Area in Ikorodu.
The Governor said the alignment will also cross through the Itoikin road and the Ikorodu – Sagamu Road to connect Isawo inward Lagos Ibadan Expressway at Ojodu Berger axis.
He said the Bridge would be made up of eight interchanges to facilitate effective interconnectivity between different parts of the State.

“This structure will be a Four-lane dual carriageway with each comprising three lanes and two metres hard shoulder on each side. The bridge will be constructed to have a generous median to allow for both future carriageway expansion and light rail facility. There is no gainsaying the fact that huge benefits will be derived from this project but most importantly, make life more comfortable for Lagosians,” he said.
Expressing confidence that the project would be delivered on a win-win framework for all investors, the Governor said for the first time in the history of the State, the Government was embarking on the construction of a long-span bridge and expressway without Federal funding as the project is to be solely funded by the private sector.
The Bridge, among others would accommodate cyclists and pedestrians and feature two service areas as well as additional pedestrian crossing, Aruna indicated in the press release.
“The Bridge would also accommodate three Toll Plazas which are still being tested from financial point of view and it would serve as a major boost to the actualisation of the Lekki Master Plan,” he said.
The project is to be financed by Africa Finance Corporation, Access Bank and other private investors who have already signified intention to be part of the construction, while Visible Assets Limited would be the coordinating firm, Aruna revealed.

Friday, 12 February 2016

New Music: Samaritan's song - Afy Douglas

...suddenly! He realized...the leprosy was gone! This was not just the cleansing of his disease, it was the restoration of his humanity, his dignity, his destiny, his social status. This was the suspension of his exile, he was no longer ostracized. This was resurrection, rebirth and renewal. He was overwhelmed...he turned around. Thank You Lord...what more could he say? Do you know Grace? Download and share. https://goo.gl/kxkds0