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Monday, 31 October 2011


Its Now out, the Much anticipated Video for Ucee Black's Hit single COME FOR YOU.
Check it out and dont forget to tell a Friend
Directed By Eddie IZycs


Its Finally out, The first Volume of the Compilation By ZUBI (The Producer that brought us Hit Singles like MALARIA by Soty)






Saturday, 29 October 2011

The clocks go back today in UK 30/10/11

The clocks go back today for what could be the last time - but only if the Scots agree. British Summer Time ends at 2am, but if a new Daylight Saving Bill which has received ministerial backing goes ahead it could bring the UK into line with Central European Time (CET) for a trial period of three years. The bill, tabled by Rebecca Harris, Conservative MP for Castle Point in Essex, calls for a review of the potential costs and benefits of a move to CET and would need further legislation before any trial was launched. Advertisement >> Any "clear opposition" from devolved authorities in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland would see the plans dropped. Moving to CET would mean lighter winter evenings, which supporters claim would cut road deaths, boost tourism and reduce energy use.
But any change is likely to face opposition from many in Scotland who do not relish the prospect of an extra hour of darkness in the morning. Individuals, organisations and businesses have been debating the effects of bringing the clocks back. Speaking during a visit to Australia, Prime Minister David Cameron said he was "interested" in the issue, but believes it can only be changed if all parts of the UK agree. He said: "Discussions are under way across Whitehall and with the devolved authorities but that's the key - you can only do this if there is real national consensus and pressure between all the nations of our United Kingdom." SNP MP Angus MacNeil dismissed the plans to stop the clocks from going back, arguing the move would hit everyone living north of Manchester. He said: "It is no secret that Tories in the south want to leave Scotland in darkness, but fixing the clocks to British Summer Time would mean that dawn wouldn't break in Scotland until nearly 9am. Read More

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

How to Disable the BlackBerry Camera Shutter Sound?

Read this. under terms and condition: SEC. 3. AUDIBLE SOUND STANDARD. (a) Requirement- Beginning 1 year after the date of enactment of this Act, any mobile phone containing a digital camera that is manufactured for sale in the United States shall sound a tone or other sound audible within a reasonable radius of the phone whenever a photograph is taken with the camera in such phone. A mobile phone manufactured after such date shall not be equipped with a means of disabling or silencing such tone or sound

John P says: Switch Blackberry Torch to Silent. Not Vibrate, but Silent. This will silence the musical tone that sounds when you…dial your Voicemail. Why? Just do it!
Now hit the Mute button. Either the on-screen Mute or the top-right Mute key. They both work, and that silences the Camera’s Shutter Tone. Hit the sidebutton which activates the Torch’s camera (by default) then select OK to Continue Call & Exit to Camera.
You can now take photos quietly without bothering the rest of the audience, waking the baby, scaring the dog, or alerting your far-too-cute children that “I’m taking photos of you being cute & adorable!” which always results in them stopping whatever cute thing they’re doing and either mugging for the camera (nowhere near as cute) or standing there motionless (not cute at all).
Another way could be to simply
Download the free app “capture it ” and install it , when you will take a picture without the shutter sound , open the camera and than aim to the object and click on the menu buttom “the bb logo ” and scroll to capture it ,than take your pic, it will take the pic without the shutter sound , this is for BB torch !!!! Enjoy.

Monday, 24 October 2011

Top 10 Reasons Men Cheat

By Steven M. Johnson

I know a lot of women have their own opinions of why men cheat. They, all to quickly, say it's because: men are just dogs; men are greedy; men are immature; men don't know what they want; men can't be faithful, just to name a few. And, that may apply for some of us. But, I just couldn't accept those simple explanations. I believed there was something more profound than, "men are just no good cheating dogs." So, I questioned a large number of my male single, married and divorced friends, family and colleagues to get the "Man's" point of view. Here are the results compiled into a "Top Ten List" titled "Top 10 Reasons Men Cheat."

Hopefully, this list will be helpful to both sexes in our continuing "Love & War" battle.


A day after starting a fire in his own house by shooting fireworks out of his bathroom window with some friends, the legend of Mario Balotelli continues to grow by proving that a late-night bathroom firework blaze can't stop him from scoring first in the Manchester derby.
And after he slotted his shot into the far corner from just inside the box, Mario calmly turned around and revealed an undershirt that read, "Why always me?" A riddle that is both easy and impossible to answer. The easy anwser, of course, is: "Because you set your house on fire by shooting fireworks out of the bathroom window."
Balotelli was, of course, shown a yellow for pulling up his shirt/revealing the message. It also might have been for being too entertainingly awesome for the world to fully appreciate.
Balotelli scored his second goal of the match in the second half with a tap-in off a David Silva cross 13 minutes after Jonny Evans got sent off for pulling him down just outside the box. Maybe if Wayne Rooney had started a house fire, things would've been different. Culled from

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Worst Oliver Twist Video with 33 likes and 156 dislikes

This is truly the worst Oliver twist Video i have seen... It is annoyingly funny.
The comments on youtube dissing the video was the only funny thing.

Naija BET Cypher (Male/Female)

This is Nigerian rappers BET Cypher (Male/Female)
Quoting OvieO
Here it is, people! The much-talked-about first ever Nigerian BET Cypher at the 2011 BET Hip Hop Awards! As we exclusively revealed back in September, Nigeria’s hip hop Ambassador list is divided into two. For the males, we have Modenine, X.O, Ice Prince, M.I, Sauce Kid and Naeto C. For the females, we have Eva, Sasha, Zee, Blaise and Muna. The male DJ is DJ Jimmy Jatt, and for the female crew, we have DJ Hazel Eyez
I know this is how Hiphop Beats sound, but this beat was boring, Nigerian rappers speak too much english though.

J'odie - Kuchi Kuchi (Oh Baby)

So much fell in Love with this Song. One of my Favourite Nigerian Songs this year. Though Some stations in Nigeria over-played it though. I felt happy when i saw her at an Event in Lagos. I pray things fall in place for her and she keep giving us good music. Download the Mp3 below.
Download clean MP3 here

Monday, 17 October 2011

Forgetting Someone in 8 Steps: Mending a Broken Heart

By May
Romantic relationships can be really complicated and end up in a bad breakup. The worst thing about these "sad endings" is that at least one heart ends up broken. Getting over a break up can be tough. Sometimes, it's even hard for both sides--after all, breaking up is not easy to do. It hurts to throw away your story with someone--all the good memories and the dreams and plans you two had for the future. Mending a broken heart takes time and patience. But you must face the fact that your heart is broken. It doesn't matter if you wish things could be different or if you even regret something you did. It doesn't matter if you think you shouldn't have become that involved with that person or if you're angry and looking for revenge. The fact is: Your heart is broken!
when a relationship is truly over, it's time to begin the healing process.

Step 1
Cry out everything you have to cry about! When we get hurt, it's normal (and good) to cry. Don't ever think you're being weak for crying and don't feel embarrassed because of it! It's normal and it's good! When you cry, you let go of part of your anger and hurt so you can feel less heavy...The main thing here is: Get rid of the pain! Just let it go!

Step 2
Get busy! When you're trying to get someone out of your head, you need to put other things inside of it. In other words...get busy! It doesn't matter how, you just need to get distracted. Go to a movie( series), watch a play, travel. It doesn't matter what are you going to do--the important thing is to find something to do. Find a hobby, find something you enjoy doing, something to keep your mind busy. If your mind is busy, it doesn't have time or space to think about the person you're trying to forget.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Bibanke Remix, Asa ft MI

I made a Remix to 2 of my favourite Nigerian Artistes. Asa's Bibanke and an MI's verses. Download Mp3

Friday, 14 October 2011

Popular Nigeria comedian detained at airport as drug suspect; stomach contents to be searchedS

LAGOS, Nigeria — A popular Nigerian comedian was detained after an airport full-body scanner detected what investigators believe were drugs hidden inside his body, an official said Friday as investigators waited for the entertainer to excrete his stomach contents. Comedian Baba Suwe, whose real name is Babatunde Omidina, remained held Friday by the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency after investigators stopped him Wednesday night at Lagos’ Murtala Muhammed International Airport before he could board a 10 p.m. Air France flight to Paris. Agency spokesman Ofoyeju Mitchell said the scanner picked up a suspicious object inside his body. Baba Suwe, 53, is a popular figure in Nigeria’s Nollywood movies, often playing a befuddled butler or security guard for comic relief in his native Yoruba language. He is now at the agency’s Lagos office where investigators and a doctor are waiting for him to excrete so they can analyze the results. “I find it very difficult to believe that Baba Suwe would do that,” said Jide Kosoko, ex-President of the National Association of Nigerian Theatre Arts Practitioners, to which Baba Suwe belongs. Kosoko added: “Let’s wait and see.” More from Source

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Lecrae repping Jesus on BET Cypher 2011

Watch Lecrae repping Jesus on BET Cypher 2011

Underwear bomb trial: Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab pleads guilty

A Nigerian man has pleaded guilty of trying to use a bomb in his underwear to blow up a US airliner on Christmas Day 2009. Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, 24, entered the plea a day after testimony began in his trial. Not guilty pleas had previously been entered on behalf of Abdulmutallab, who has chosen to represent himself. Abdulmutallab is charged with eight offences, including conspiracy to commit an act of terrorism, attempted murder and attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction. He faces life in prison if convicted. Al-Qaida's Yemen-based arm claimed responsibility for the attack, which also was praised by Osama bin Laden months before the al-Qaida leader was killed in a US raid in Pakistan. Judge Nancy Edmunds asked Abdulmutallab if he wanted to plead guilty to the charges against him. As she read out each charge against him, Abdulmutallab said, "I plead guilty." Abdulmutallab has been held in federal prison in Michigan pending trial. He told investigators he received the bomb, which failed to detonate fully, and training from al-Qaida militants in Yemen, according to US officials. After the attempted attack, the Obama administration moved to strengthen US airline security by deploying full-body scanners to try to detect explosives that could be hidden in a passenger's clothing. SOurce Guardian Uk

RIM stands, staggers, falls again

BlackBerry Messenger is down again, despite RIM's assurances that everything would be fine. It seems lots of people can't get connected and partners are receiving notifications about ongoing problems. Despite the fact that the Canadian company has replaced the failing core switch, the service fell down yet again, leaving many RIM customers to face another day without messaging or email. Like a drunk in denial, RIM keeps telling us it is absolutely fine, before staggering around for a bit and finally collapsing in an unresponsive heap, leaving users disconnected and making the iPhone appear an increasingly attractive alternative. A communication sent by RIM to business customers, and seen by El Reg, estimates the problems are affecting a quarter of BlackBerry users, who are now entering their third day of intermittent (at best) data services. Those without their own BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) seem to be most affected, so the problem is hitting the consumer demographic RIM has been trying to attract, rather than its core business users – although some system administrators tell us they're still seeing problems despite running their own BES. Email management company Mimecast, which provides continuity connections, tells us that only a small proportion of its BES-using customers have had problems, but even a small proportion is something business will be very concerned about. The outage is certainly making a lot of people consider their commitment to RIM, and the timing is poor, as Apple's competitor to BBM, iMessage, is being launched later today. Twitter is awash with complaints, celebrities chiming in with their opinions and suggestions that RIM try turning the server on and off again – not to mention jokes about three days of mourning for Steve Jobs and puns based around BlackBerry Crumble Source

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

WAJE – Na The Way ft J. Martins

Na The Way,” which features one of Nigeria’s new school Highlife aces, J.Martins, who also produced it. Na The Way is off her soon-to-pop debut album “Words Aren’t Just Enough (W.A.J.E.)” (Album release date to be announced soon). Culled from Notjustok

BlackBerry Messenger down again, BIS follows

In what is rapidly turning into a comedy of errors, Research In Motion's BlackBerry Internet Server and BlackBerry Messenger services are once again out for the count.

The latest outage follows a 24-hour period of downtime across Europe, the Middle East and Africa which saw millions of BlackBerry users unable to use their much-vaunted communications device as anything other than a basic feature phone.

Despite being allegedly repaired this morning, the unexplained problem is back: we're receiving reports of users failing to receive email notifications - part of the BIS service - and unable to access the Messenger service - part of BBM - as of this afternoon.

Thus far, BlackBerry is silent on the outage, but is thought to be working hard to restore faith in its once-unassailable messaging platform.

It's something it's going to have to work at: with BlackBerry hardware languishing behind the latest all-singing all-dancing devices for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone, the BIS and BBM platforms are all that Research In Motion has going for it.

With those services performing poorly, users are likely to jump ship - as comments on our original report confirm.

Culled from

Monday, 10 October 2011

Patient ‘stolen’ at Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital

A patient on admission at the Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital, Kano, has been reportedly ‘stolen’ by persons suspected to be members of a secret cult. The patient, Alhaji Ibrahim Isa Gama, was a staff of the Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria (FAAN), Kano. The septuagenarian, a resident of Bachirawa area of Kano and typhoid fever patient, was rushed to the teaching hospital last Monday by his family. Narrating the incident, his wife, Hajiya Halima Gama, said, “I had just finished giving him tea some few minutes after six in the morning when the medical personnel on duty started their routine checkup. And when they arrived at the ward, they sent all those looking after patients out. When he realized the medical personnel would soon arrive at the ward, he asked me to take him to the toilet to ease himself. So I took there and later brought him back to his bed, and not long after, the doctors on duty came in and sent us all out. No sooner was the checkup over than one tall man came to ask me my husband’s whereabouts. I immediately went to the ward only to see a different sick person lying on his bed receiving live oxygen. “So I had to raise an alarm and nobody from the hospital was ready to listen to me; I then reported the case to the Yar’akwa police station on Zarai road. The officers on duty after taking my statement asked me to come back on Friday around 10 am when staff of the hospital and I would give an account of how the incident happened”, she said. She said when she showed up at the police station the following day, not a single staff of the hospital was seen, saying that she was later advised by the officer overseeing the station to go home since she had formally reported the case to the state police command. It was gathered that the patient was discovered missing after the routine early morning check-up by the nurses on duty at the hospital’s male ward. It was also gathered that he was picked during the check up around 7am when he was allegedly led by somebody to a toilet to ease himself. Source

SPANKING NEW VIDEO PREMIERE: Tiwa Savage – Love Me, Love Me, Love Me

Directed By Sesan

SPANKING NEW VIDEO: Timaya – I’m A Ruler

This Video is for I am a Ruler, Track 14 off his Last Album( The Rebirth). Dem Mama Souljas are to release an Album titled “Long Life And Prosperity” #LLNP within the next few weeks.

BlackBerry service crash affects BBM messaging for millions

BlackBerry users in Europe, the Middle East and Africa have been experiencing problems with emails and messaging due to a power outage in Slough, UK. Photograph: Shannon Stapleton/Reuters Tens of millions of BlackBerry users in Europe, the Middle East and Africa have been unable to receive or send emails and messages through their phones, following an outage at the server systems of parent company Research In Motion (RIM) in Slough, Berkshire. The outage, which occurred at about 11am BST on Monday, was still affecting users more than four hours later with no time given for when it was expected to be resolved. The company released a brief acknowledgement of the problem at 3.30pm, saying: "We are working to resolve an issue currently impacting some BlackBerry subscribers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. We're investigating, and we apologise to our customers for any inconvenience caused while this is resolved." BlackBerry systems receive and send emails and BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) communications via encrypted connections to RIM servers located around the world. The systems are particularly popular in a number of Middle East countries where they allow secure communication that the government cannot tap. RIM has come into conflict with a number of governments around the world, which have demanded oversight of email and BBM messages. The failure will be a huge embarrassment for the company, which has been successful in building up its user base in the so-called "EMEA" (Europe, Middle East, Africa) region even while it has been losing users in North America. More on this

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs dead at 56

(CNET) Apple co-founder and Chairman Steve Jobs died today. He was 56. Jobs had been suffering from various health issues following the seven-year anniversary of his surgery for a rare form of pancreatic cancer in August 2004. Apple announced in January that he would be taking an indeterminate medical leave of absence. Jobs then stepped down as chief executive in late August, citing his inability to "meet my duties and expectations" stemming from his illness.

Breaking News: Wizkid Wins MOBO Award For Best African Act!

Fast rising Nigerian pop sensation Ayo Balogun better known as Wizkid has won the award for ‘Best African Ac’t at the 2011 edition of the MOBO Awards! Wizkid’s win has come as a huge surprise as he beat African entertainer D’banj and Afrobeat singer Seun Kuti to the prize. Other nominees in the category inlcude Cheikh Lo, Fatoumata Diawara, Liquideep, Owiny Sigoma Band, Smod, Spoek Mathambo, and Vieux Farka Toure. Wizkid was quick to tweet about his surprise win. ‘#TEAMWIZKID we did it!!..now let’s get the EMA!!!!…God bless every1 dat voted!!!…wow!!!’, @wizkidayo tweeted

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Boko- Haram: NYSC Low-Keyed passing-out parade

BY Emma Ujah, Abuja Bureau Chief Authorities of the National Youth Service Corps have cancelled the 2010 Batch III passing-out parade slated for October 4, as part of measures to forestall attacks by terrorists against corps members. The Director-General of the NYSC, Brig. Gen. Nnamdi Okore-Affia, who confirmed this during a parley with senior journalists in Abuja, Friday, explained that he was determined to take every necessary step to protect the corps members throughout the country. His words, “you are aware that the Independence celebration is low-keyed. We will follow suit and have the passing out low-keyed as a means of ensuring the security of all our corps members. Some areas may not be conducive for congregating at this time.” The D-G who unveiled two focal points of his administration said he was setting up a 24-hour Distress Call Centre, DCC, with a view to improving the security of all members and would be employed to maximum effects in rapid response. The Centre being located at the headquarters in Abuja, he said, would be networked with all NYSC State Offices to ensure speedy information flow and would contain a data base of all serving members, at every point in time.

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Association of Nigerian Students In Coventry celebrates Nigeria at 51 (Pics inside)

A colourful green and white saturday it was as young Nigerians studying in Coventry, join millions of Nigerians all around the World to celebrate the Nation's 51st independence.
Wave your flag...