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Monday, 30 January 2012


Here is the official video of the hit song INFINITY by WIZBOYY ft SLIM BROWN. The video was shot in Johannesburg, South Africa by Godfather production. And released on the 30th of Jan. 2012. This the second official video shot for the song, which remains one of the biggest songs to come out of Africa in the year 2011

Al Mustapha, sentenced to be hanged over killing of Abiola's wife

By: The Associated Press

LAGOS, Nigeria - A judge in Nigeria has sentenced a former dictator's right-hand man to death over the killing of a politician's wife.
Judge Mojisola Dada at Lagos' Court of Appeals on Monday ruled that Maj. Hamza Al-Mustapha should be hanged. He was accused of orchestrating the 1996 machine-gun killing of the wife of Moshood Abiola, a flamboyant businessman widely believed to be have won an annulled 1993 presidential election.
Al-Mustapha, the right-hand man for the feared military dictator Sani Abacha, has spent 13 years in prison awaiting various trials accusing him of murder in Africa's most populous nation.

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Presiden Jonathan Responds to Sahara Reporters

Dear Omoyele Sowore,
RE: Sahara Reporters on “Culture of Waste and Insensitivity” and the 18th AU Summit I observe that you have made no effort, following my earlier explanations, to amend your story titled “Culture of Waste And Insensitivity Continues As Mrs. Jonathan Arrives Addis Ababa With 32 Aides” (Sahara Reporters), and have allowed your readers to rely on deliberate misinformation. The story in question does not reflect the true state of affairs with regard to the President’s delegation to the 18th annual African Union (AU) Summit in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. I therefore want to set the records straight by making the following observations:

Continue reading...

‎1. There is only one Nigerian Delegation to this summit not two as your report suggests. Specifically, the First Lady, Dame Patience Jonathan, has no delegation, official or unofficial, to this summit, and she did not arrive in Addis Ababa with “32 aides.”

2. You correctly reported that Mr. President travelled with a “25-person delegation to Addis Ababa for the 18th African Union Summit” but after salting your story with a dash of hype and peppering it with innuendo you have managed to cook up the impression that there are 57 Nigerian delegates in Addis Ababa. This is not fair.

3. The Nigerian Entourage list contains 35 names in total, however three of those whose names are listed did not join the delegation and the total number of delegates in Addis Ababa is not more than 32. This includes two Senators (the Chair of the Senate committee on NEPAD and another member), a member of the House of Representatives (NEPAD House of Reps), essential aides of the First couple, and Foreign Ministry Officials. Mr. President meant every word of it when he said that only persons who have work to do will be allowed to travel, officially.

4. As you well know, Nigeria is a free country; President Jonathan cannot prevent Nigerians from travelling to Ethiopia or anywhere else without good reason, legal sanction or authority. If there are other Nigerians in Addis Ababa, they are certainly not official delegates, and they have nothing to do with the First Lady.

5. It has become Sahara Reporters’ favourite sport to taint and bait President Jonathan with hooks and details that are inconvenient with the truth. You do your readers and Nigeria no favours by this shrill and deliberate misrepresentation of information.

6. President Jonathan remains committed to the Constitution he swore to protect and defend. You have a responsibility to report the truth.

Reuben Abati
Special Adviser to the President
(Media and Publicity)
January 29, 2012


PhotoOfTheDay: Make-up for guys (Could earn u 14 years))

NewVideo: NAWTi - Olu Maintain. (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

mr Olu maintain is back, this time raising his game on this one. One of the Best Nigerian Videos out there
NAWTI: Natural African Women Totally Inspiring.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

PhotoOfTheDay: Girl Born without Limbs in Bauchi

BAUCHI—A baby, girl, without hands and legs, has been born in Sandigalua village in Zaki Government Area of Bauchi State. The baby, named Fatima, was born to the family of Ahmadu Didda, a peasant farmer and wife, Rukaiyya, on January 13.

Fatima’s father, Didda, however, expressed gratitude to God for giving them the child, describing her as a beautiful baby. Didda said Fatima was delivered at home and that both the mother and the baby are healthy.

Father’s plea
He said: “This is a gift from God. But it won’t be easy for us to raise Fatima because without legs and hands, she needs special care and attention. We feel sorry for her but with assistance from government and individuals I know that she will live a good life.”
The couple, however, appealed to both government and well-meaning individuals to come to their aid in order to care for the child.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Jonathan Sacks Hafiz Ringim, MD Abubakar now acting IG of Police

President Goodluck Jonathan has sacked the Inspector General of Police, Hafiz Ringim. Ringim was removed from office alongside seven other Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIGs).

The new Inspector General of Police is M.D Abubakar, who until now was an Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIG)

Monday, 23 January 2012

Police Foil Fresh Attempt To Bomb Kano, Recover Over 100 Bombs

Nigerian police foiled fresh attacks in the city of Kano Monday, discovering eight bomb-laden cars and over 100 unexploded devices around sites attacked last week.
“So far we have discovered over 100 home-made bombs in the operation we have launched in bomb recovery in different parts of the city,” said a senior police official on condition of anonymity.
He said “lots of the unexploded bombs were recovered around the police headquarters” which was one of the targets struck in the deadly Friday attacks.
Earlier Monday police said they found eight explosive-laden cars abandoned by road sides across the city, including one near a police station and another in a market in a densely-populated area of the city.
“We are still facing serious security threats,” he said.
Meanwhile about 200 Muslim clerics and political leaders offered peace prayers in Kano, an ancient holy Muslim city of about 4.5 million people.
“I will pray to God that we should never re-live the catastrophe that resulted in the deaths and maiming in our city,” Kano State governor Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso said.

Source: Vanguard Newspapers

Saturday, 21 January 2012

English Translation Of The Boko Haram Leaflet Being Circulated In Kano

In the name of God the most Beneficent and the Merciful

We are those who are commonly known with the forbidden name "Boko Haram" while everyone know our true name is Jama'atu Ahlis Sunna Lidda'awati Wal-Jihad (People Committed to the Propagation of the Prophet's Teachings and Jihad).

A message to the people of Kano; You should know that the security services in the city of Kano have been using a trick to arrest our brothers while telling those who reside in the area that they are thieves or armed robbers. You should know that it is our brothers they have been arresting.

We have no intention of harming the citizens of Kano as long as they do not confront us. Our fight is against the government that is waging war against Islam, The security services and the Christian Association of Nigeria (C.A.N)- an organization that has been killing Muslims and even perpetrated cannibalism by eating their flesh. In addition, we fight anyone who helps the above listed to wage war against us even if he/she is a Muslim.

In conclusion, any one that aid in the arrest of our brother should await his own.

A message from the leader of Jama'atu Ahlis Sunna Lidda'awati Wal-Jihad Imam Abu Muhammad Abubakar Bin Muhammad (Shekau)


Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Customs Exposes Subsidy Fraud!!!

Earlier, Mrs. Allison-Madueke said contrary to the popular belief, there was no group of oil importers who constitute themselves into a cabal.

“I am under oath therefore it will not be proper for me to speculate of the existence of cabal in the oil sector. It is not proper to criminalise certain group with one fell swoop just as we cannot criminalise the actual policy of subsidy itself.

“They are bona fide marketers even though there have been manipulations in the sector and we are looking into it aggressively, as we have made certain changes since last year, until we are able to rout out those who corrupted the system to their advantage,” she said.

The petroleum minister however, could not name those involve in “corrupting the system” when asked by House committee chairman Faruk Lawan (PDP, Kano).

On why subsidy funds rocketed from the budgeted N245 billion to N1.3 trillion, the minister said the N245 billion was only meant to service subsidy for the months of January- February 2011 as the government had planned to end the subsidy regime in March 2011 but was pressurised to shelve that.

The petroleum minister also said the government was yet to arrive at exact amount of money spent on subsidising petrol as “we are still grappling with the figures.” She added that it would take at least four months to finish the computation.
Allison-Madueke said deduction of subsidy funds from source by the NNPC was lawful. “We have done nothing unconstitutional as a ministry since Appropriation Act defines that and section 80 subsection 3 of the 1999 constitution authorise us to deduct from source,” she said.

She said the finance ministry authorises such deductions. But on Monday Finance Minister Mrs. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala denied authorising subsidy deductions.

When asked by committee members to give them assurance that NNPC will not embark on any illegal deductions again, Allison-Madueke said, “I am under oath I cannot give you assurance on this because the oath is bigger than the assurance.”


Sunday, 15 January 2012

BREAKING NEWS: President Jonathan Unilaterally Reduces Fuel Price To N97

Saharareporters has obtained a copy of the national broadcast meant to be broadcast by President Goodluck Jonathan by 7: 00 AM Monday morning in Nigeria. The speech which was to be read in Nigeria on Sunday night stated that the PPPRA will now implement a new petrol price of N97.

Embargoed: Not For Broadcast Before 0700hrs On Monday, January 16, 2012

Presidential Address On The Implementation Of The Deregulation Policy In The Downstream Sector Of The Petroleum Industry, Sunday, January 15, 2012
________________________________________________ Dear Compatriots,
1. This is the second time in two weeks I will address you on the deregulation of the downstream petroleum sector. In the last seven days, the nation has witnessed a disruption of economic activities. Although, the economic imperatives for the policy have been well articulated by government, the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) and the Trade Union Congress (TUC) went ahead to declare a nationwide strike.

2. There was also near-breakdown of law and order in certain parts of the country as a result of the activities of some persons or groups of persons who took advantage of the situation to further their narrow interests by engaging in acts of intimidation, harassment and outright subversion of the Nigerian state. I express my sympathy to those who were adversely affected by the protests.
3. At the inception of the deregulation policy, Government had set up the Justice Alfa Belgore Committee to liaise with Labour and other stakeholders to address likely grey areas in the policy, but despite all our efforts, Labour refused the option of dialogue and also disobeyed a restraining order of the National Industrial Court of Nigeria.
4. However, following the intervention of the Leadership of the National Assembly, and other well-meaning Nigerians, Labour accepted to meet with government, but this yielded no tangible result.
5. It has become clear to government and all well-meaning Nigerians that other interests beyond the implementation of the deregulation policy have hijacked the protest. This has prevented an objective assessment and consideration of all the contending issues for which dialogue was initiated by government. These same interests seek to promote discord, anarchy, and insecurity to the detriment of public peace.
6. Government appreciates that the implementation of the deregulation policy would cause initial hardships and commends Nigerians who have put forth suggestions and credible alternatives in this regard. Government also salutes Nigerians who by and large, conducted themselves peacefully while expressing their grievances. Let me assure you that government will continue to respect the people's right to express themselves within the confines of the law and in accordance with the dictates of our democratic space.
7. Government will continue to pursue full deregulation of the downstream petroleum sector. However, given the hardships being suffered by Nigerians, and after due consideration and consultations with state governors and the leadership of the National Assembly, government has approved the reduction of the pump price of petrol to N97 per litre. The Petroleum Products Pricing Regulatory Agency (PPPRA) has been directed to ensure compliance with this new pump price.
8. Government is working hard to reduce recurrent expenditure in line with current realities and to cut down on the cost of governance. In the meantime, government has commenced the implementation of the Subsidy Reinvestment and Empowerment projects: including the Federal Government- assisted mass transit programme which is already in place, and job creation for the youth.
9. Furthermore, the legal and regulatory regime for the petroleum industry will be reviewed to address accountability issues and current lapses in the Industry. In this regard, the Petroleum Industry Bill will be given accelerated attention. The report of the forensic audit carried out on the NNPC is being studied with a view to implementing the recommendations and sanctioning proven acts of corruption in the industry.
10. Let me assure Nigerians that this administration is irrevocably committed to tackling corruption in the petroleum industry as well as other sectors of the economy. Consequently, all those found to have contributed one way or the other to the economic adversity of the country will be dealt with in accordance with the law.
11. My dear compatriots, I urge you to show understanding for the imperatives of the adjustment in the pump price of petrol and give government your full support to ensure its successful implementation. I further appeal to Nigerians to go back to work and go about their normal duties as government has made adequate arrangements for the protection of life and property throughout the federation.
12. Government will not condone brazen acts of criminality and subversion. As President, I have sworn to uphold the unity, peace and order of the Nigerian State and by the grace of God, I intend to fully and effectively discharge that responsibility. Let me add that we are desirous of further engagements with Labour. I urge our Labour leaders to call off their strike, and go back to work.
13. Nigeria belongs to all of us and we must collectively safeguard its unity.
14. Thank you. God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
GOODLUCK EBELE JONATHAN, GCFR President, Federal Republic of Nigeria

President Goodluck Jonathan has ordered the arrest of Femi Falana, Tunde Bakare, Dino Melaye, Shehu Sanni.?

From Saharareporters

In a bid to undermine the growing protest against his government’s removal of fuel subsidy, President Goodluck Jonathan has ordered the SSS to arrest civil rights attorney, Femi Falana, Fiery Lagos pastor, Tunde Bakare, ex-member of house of representatives, Dino Melaye and and Kaduna based activist, Shehu Sanni. Two sources within the State Security Services told Saharareporters that the security agency had received presidential instructions to move against these four men as well as other perceived organizers of the resistance against the government’s dramatic increase of the price of fuel. “The presidency has decided that the way to break the protest is to go after those that the government believed to be the brains organizing the #Occupy Nigeria protests, ” said one of the sources. Can the president do this?

Aduke - Hear The Voice (#OccupyNigeria)

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Flavour - Nigeria Ebezina (Subsidy) [video]

Hot new video from Flavour about the ongoing fuel subsidy removal by President Goodluck Jonathan. This video is targeted at fighting for the rights of the Nigerian people and for th e government to have a change in policy over the fuel subsidy removal. In this video Flavour expresses his love and concern for the masses. Nice and timely video.

Monday, 9 January 2012




Sunday, 8 January 2012

The Nigerian police attacked Sleeping protesters in Abuja

By Azeenarh Mohammed

While sleeping, the nigerian police just came to attack innocent #occupynigeria members at 3:00am
calling unto all Nigerian youths,to come and take back your country with evidence #occupynigeria
This just got personal! 40+ innocents #occupynigeria protesters were just attacked camping outside eagle square.
The Nigerian police snuck quickly and quietly...just like the thieves they claim to protect us from. They took away their phones, cameras, and their generator

The Nigerian police used this steel iron to beat the young man while he slept.
Read the Full details

Website of 2 Nigeria's Agencies hacked!

FLASH: Website of Nigeria's incompetent National Information Technology Development Agency NITDA hacked! http://is.gd/V8WOWv

FLASH: Website of the Management of the National Assembly hacked (reader discretion advised): http://is.gd/VaGAZd

Thousands of Northerners, Nigeriens, Chadians, Arrive North From Southern Nigeria

Christians and other southerners living in the North, Please abandon your businesses and return home, for now.

An estimated 10,000 Northerners and foreigners, mostly from Asaba, Port-Harcourt, Owerri, Onitsha, Warri, Uyo, Calabar and parts of the South-West, have started arriving Northern Nigeria.

They are fleeing Southern Nigeria for the fear of reprisal attacks following the recent killings of Southerners by Boko Haram sect in the North. Those attacks upon Southerners have mainly been in such areas as Damaturu, Mubi, Jimeta and Maiduguri.

Most of the Northerners, who are principally artisans and menial job-workers, were seen on heavy trucks and luxury buses passing through Lokoja, Abuja, Kaduna, and Zaria onward to the rest of the region.

Other Northerners are being sighted along the Abuja-Keffi axis, Jos, Bauchi, and Gombe, as well as in Taraba State.

Some of them who are Nigeriens, are resettling in Katsina and Kano states. There is large Nigerien community in Katsina State, which shares boundaries with Niger Republic.

Read more

"We As Nigerians Are Idiots, It Takes Idiots To Be Ruled By Fools" -- Dr. Tunde Bakaree.flv

A very revolutionary message, well spoken.

President Jonathan commissions 1,100 Buses

President Jonathan also this afternoon in Abuja commissioned 1,100 interstate diesel buses, to, according to him, help cushion the effect of the subsidy removal. Howbeit, there are some speculation that the Buses were a Donation from the World bank, hence the swift arrival. Because according to the Public Procurement Act, before the Purchase could have been made, there would have been some advertisement, competitive bidding, before it could have been awarded.

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Goodluck Ebele Jonathan's Speech on Fuel Subsidy (07-01-12)

High points
.....Amidst all  talk...
Salaries ☺f Executive slashd by 25%
Govt officials wil reduce dr traveln xpenses to barest minimum.
Some committees would be cut down although no committees ‎​were specified....
Government expenditure would be cut down....
Government would work with state and local government to reduce transportation cost.
The Youths were urged not to protest...

ALL English FA CUP Scores (07-01-12)

Birmingham C. 0 - 0 Wolverhampton W.
Dagenham & R'br 0 - 0 Millwall
Barnsley 2 - 4 Swansea C.
Brighton & Hove 1 - 1 Wrexham
Coventry C. 1 - 2 Southampton
Crawley 1 - 0 Bristol C.
Derby County 1 - 0 Crystal Palace
Doncaster R. 0 - 2 Notts County
Everton 2 - 0 Tamworth
Fleetwood 1 - 5 Blackpool
Fulham 4 - 0 Charlton Athletic
Gillingham 1 - 3 Stoke C.
Hull C. 3 - 1 Ipswich T.
Macclesfield T. 2 - 2 Bolton W.
Middlesbrough 1 - 0 Shrewsbury T.
Milton Keynes D 1 - 1 Queens Park R.
Newcastle U. 2 - 1 Blackburn R.
Norwich C. 4 - 1 Burnley
Nottingham F. 0 - 0 Leicester C.
Reading 0 - 1 Stevenage
Sheffield U. 3 - 1 Salisbury City
Swindon T. 2 - 1 Wigan Athletic
Tottenham H. 3 - 0 Cheltenham
Watford 4 - 2 Bradford C.
West Bromwich A.4 - 2 Cardiff C.
Bristol R. 1 - 3 Aston Villa

courtesy www.livescores.com

Friday, 6 January 2012

FACTORY78 - Occupy Nigeria (London). The Video

Nigerians living in the UK demonstrated in front of the Nigerian Embassy London.This was done in solidarity with friends and family back home against the recent fuel subsidy removal by the Nigerian government.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

BreakingNews: Armed gunmen raided a church in Gombe, 8 killed

BreakingNews: A Pastor: 3 dead, others wounded after attack on church in northeast Nigeria amid sect violence - @AP

Armed gunmen raided a church in BCJ area of Gombe.8 people reportedly killed. Incident took place around 8pm today...

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

OccupyNigeria protesters in Kano defying the cold night

15-22 degrees celsius in Kano. Protesters have decided to spend the night out at the Silver jubilee square in Kano. While the nigerian news desk are reporting that the FG has ordered NBC to warn media houses to stop any broadcast about the #FuelSubsidy and #OccupyNigeria protest
Dis boy just told me tht he went home 2 eat n his mum sent him back n gave him food 2 eat on d way_-@dawisu

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

U.K. men guilty 18 years after racist killing (Justice at Last))

Gary Dobson (left) and David Norris.
It took 18 years for two of those involved in the murder of black youth Stephen Lawrence to be convicted, and there are more to go, but finally the parents of the victim have some measure of justice. The victim was guilty of nothing more than waiting for a bus - and the color of his skin - back on April 22, 1993 in southeast London when he was set upon by a gang of white youths who attacked him and fatally stabbed him. A friend of the murder victim, Duwayne Brooks, managed to escape. Read More


Hear from a former Petroleum Minister.

Monday, 2 January 2012

GEJ order arrest of Eagle Square protesters

GEJ order arrest of Eagle Square protesters. Clampdown on Fuel SUBSIDY REMOVAL protester begins

Some of the arrested civilians from today's anti-fuel subsidy removal register transferred to ANTI ROBBERY SQUARD H.Q Abuja.

Youth Activists Mr Martins Obono & Ezenwa Nwagu,of Youth Alliance Against Subsidy Removal were arrested by men of d anti-terror squad in Abj A video of Hon. Dino Melaye explaining the anti fuel subsidy protest

Live Photo Updates from Eagles square (#subsidyprotests)

Photo! Abuja Eagle Square."LEAVE IF YOU KNOW WHAT IS GOOD FOR YOU" Gun totting GEJ security to protester Hafsat Ibrahim

If the TV stations are not covering the protest then the protesters must know they're on their own. The media has been compromised._Bashir Yusuf Ibrahim

Security forces call for reinforcements at Eagle Square Abuja. Close to 200 people have gathered to protest the removal of the fuel subsidy

Dino Maleye Holding court

Muslim brethren have just said their prayers on the sides of the protest.
Young Nigerian Child Join protesters@Eagle Sq. Fuel subsidy removal protest signs register earlier today

I heard Dino and a few others were picked up. Unconfirmed for now.

A protester said "they shot at us wen all we had was Paper! Someone is injured. Dey went after Dino. I lied flat behind a car".

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Give Jonathan a Chance (OilSubsidyRemoval)

In the wake of the New Year, the Nigerian Federal government removed the subsidy on petroleum. Which many find inhumane, insensitive to the common Man and an unbearable reality. The NLC and TUC has promised a showdown, and many Vibrant Nigerians on twitter et al are nursing the idea of a Mass revolt.

However, I believe the removal of the Oil subsidy, though of high neccessity is ill timed. I also believe if it had to be done in the best interest of the economy and to gather up more funds which could be channelled towards accelerating the electricity generation projects, then the earlier, the better. Though it be a very Hard pill to swallow, Lets swallow it, hoping it would bring better health to a very Sick nation.

The biggest problem being the Ripple effect which any increase in Oil prices does have on every other aspect of living in Nigeria. A Gravity defying increase, It goes up and hardly comes down.

But then there is a reason for everything. Ruling a nation like Nigeria is no small task. Complaints may not yield much. Violence is never the answer. Lets remain together and make sure the government at all levels are accountable and transparent with the funds that would be saved.

NewVideo: Sauce Kid - Carolina Feat. Davido official Video

Aje Film Works went in on this, Nice Video. Nigerian Artistes ain't smiling this year.