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Sunday, 30 September 2012

NIGERIA_by_ShayoGrass (Listen and Download)

Independence is here :) and ShayoGrass is celebrating her country the best she can. Listen and download here.A fine Blend of Music and Poetry inspired by Love for our Country.

Shayo Grass(Sayo Adenaike-Johnson) is a 22 year old Media student currently at Birmingham City University. 
Her passion for music stemmed from her father's love for Jazz, Soul and Blues. 

She started singing in her church choir in 2006, not really into music as a practice but as a service. In 2007, She began casual performances opening shows, singing at weddings, conferences, fashion shows and many other events. 
In 2011, she met Mr Ebis after hearing about him and his work from friends he worked with,He challenged her to start recording. Shayo Grass and Mr Ebis then went on to work with DG to create the big hit gospel jam "Komole". Shayo Grass has also released 'Talk About You'. She hopes to reach out to people and be able to start creating a foundation with messages that would make the world a little bit better.



 I Love Nigeria
 God help Nigeria
 God bless Nigeria
My Home, my Home

 A country filled with determination Hard work, an asset by nature
Cultures like the rainbow Covered in beauty, golden sun.
 Hear the early a.m birds sing As the cool breeze brings Into light,
darkness burn ,Sophistication extraordinary, Intellect is literary
 Resources unlimited, Despite greed in abundance
 But the seed of greatness, In us still dwells
 No matter where i go, There's no place like home

 Hard wind blows across, Many have even suffered loss
 But we stay standing, And We bear our cross
 We always remember ,When the going gets tough God gets going
In sickness or in health, In poverty or in wealth
No matter where I go, This one thing I know
 There's no place like home, Nigeria is my home

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