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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

FreshNewMUSIC: ELLE by YemiRush

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ELLE is a follow up single by the  upcoming afrobeat artist, Yemi Rush and all round producer OY Production . A release from this duo has been a long time coming, patiently anticipated by local and international  fans.

Akinyemi Akinsanmi also known as Yemi Rush was born into Akinsanmi family in Lagos Nigeria on the 23rd of September. He was partially raised in Lagos where he realised his love for music at a tender age while he was a part of the choir. Yemi rush then migrated to England for studies of which he studied Media studies at university of east London.
Yemi Rush is an afro-beat singer, a producer and a songwriter signed to UNG MUSIC. He mixes Afro-beat with an urban sound, as well as being an excellent vocalist, over the month he has gained recognitions for good music.

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