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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Edward Snowden's Ecuador asylum bid 'may take weeks' (BBC)

Ecuador could take weeks to rule on an asylum bid by fugitive US intelligence leaker Edward Snowden, officials say.
Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino said it had taken Ecuador two months to grant asylum to Julian Assange, the founder of whistleblowing website Wikileaks.

The website has been lending legal support to Mr Snowden, who is in a transit zone at a Moscow airport.

A Wikileaks Tweet said the American was "well" and being accompanied by one of its legal advisers "at all times"

The website has not further elaborated on Mr Snowden's whereabouts.
Mr Snowden first fled to Hong Kong before flying to Moscow's Sheremetyevo Airport on Sunday.

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He was expected to board a flight to the Venezuelan capital Caracas on Monday but his seat remained vacant.
The 30-year-old IT expert has had his US passport revoked and applied for Ecuadorean asylum.
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