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Monday, 30 September 2013

Young Nigerian by RapTrinity(Prod. By MrEbis)

Here is RapTrinity's Young Nigerian Song which features a sample loop of Lil Wayne saying he is a Millionaire and a Young Nigerian. and her Cousin Victoria helped with the Chorus. The Song was Produced by MrEbis in Coventry,UK.

Rap3nity who goes by the real name of Temitayo Apanishile is the third of four children for the wonderful family of Mr and Mrs Apanishile. She grew up not just loving music music but living music so its not surprising, she living up her dreams by being a Rap Artist. She is based in the UK studying Entrepreneurship and Enterprising at Coventry university. 

She is signed to the Uk based Record known as WeSaints Entertainment and they are doing it in their own little way. Her values are to make a good impact on the young people out there through her music, touching lives and making a difference hence she is working on the Album known as "The Breaking out"  which would be ready by the beginning of Next year God willing. Your average girl the only difference is she has a dream and is chasing that dream and with your help and support she'd get there. Her motto is Heaven is my start point and nothing is impossible if you believe.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Kenya shopping mall attack: British woman 'fighting with al-Shabaab' – the multinational force of terror at the heart of the shopping centre massacre

via IndependentUK

As the Kenyan government declared that its forces were close to achieving success after three days of carnage which has left 62 dead and more than 100 injured, a lethal and grim threat was emerging from the fires of the Westland shopping complex – that of international jihad.

One high-profile British terror suspect, Samantha Lewthwaite, whose husband Jermaine Lindsay was one of the 7/7 suicide bombers in London, has taken part in the assault, it has been claimed.
One British newspaper revealed that the “White Widow” was actually leading it and had been witnessed in a veil, “shouting instructions in Arabic”. It did not say why she should be using that language to a group who spoke Somali and, many of them, seemingly, English. Kenyan officials pointed out that the fighters were all men, although some of them had gone into Westgate pretending to be women, dressed in niqabs.
Later, however, Kenya's Foreign Minister, Amina Mohamed, contradicted this by telling US television that a British woman experienced in terrorist activities was involved in the siege, fuelling the speculation surrounding Lewthwaite.

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Wow, this 8years old can sing!!!...

Peace Raydon a.k.a "PEEZRAY" was  born on the 17th of March 2005, to a family of five (5). Peezray who was born in 

Kaduna, is an eight (8) year old girl who hails from Isoko in Delta state and currently resides in Abuja. The name 

"PEEZRAY" is an acronym, gotten from the combination of the names of her siblings; Peace, Praise, Prosper and Phillip, 

with Raydon being her last name.
 This very young talented lady who is also intelligent and hard working is gifted with a very beautiful and unique voice.  

Her career started when her mom discovered her extra ordinary talent, voice, and also her musical writing skills at just 

the age of five (5). 
 She sings gospel and inspirational music. Her musical skills and inspiration was gotten from disney land superstars like 

Jessie, Austin and Ally, etc. She's currently in primary class (four) 4, and  is a distinctive member of the social club, 

music club, cooking and reading club. please download and enjoy her singles titled 'LITTLE FAITH' which she featured her elder brother PRAISE RAYDON who is also fantastic vocalist, produced by one of the fast rising producers in abuja with the name EMZO and 'MY NATION' produced by THE RAIN

little faith

my nation;

her album is set to be out soon.

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Meet Nigeria's representative at Miss World 2013 billed to hold on

The pageant's 63rd edition is scheduled for 28 September and preparations are well under way. The contestants started their preparations in early September on the island resort of Bali.

Here is the profile video for Anna Banner