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Monday, 30 September 2013

Young Nigerian by RapTrinity(Prod. By MrEbis)

Here is RapTrinity's Young Nigerian Song which features a sample loop of Lil Wayne saying he is a Millionaire and a Young Nigerian. and her Cousin Victoria helped with the Chorus. The Song was Produced by MrEbis in Coventry,UK.

Rap3nity who goes by the real name of Temitayo Apanishile is the third of four children for the wonderful family of Mr and Mrs Apanishile. She grew up not just loving music music but living music so its not surprising, she living up her dreams by being a Rap Artist. She is based in the UK studying Entrepreneurship and Enterprising at Coventry university. 

She is signed to the Uk based Record known as WeSaints Entertainment and they are doing it in their own little way. Her values are to make a good impact on the young people out there through her music, touching lives and making a difference hence she is working on the Album known as "The Breaking out"  which would be ready by the beginning of Next year God willing. Your average girl the only difference is she has a dream and is chasing that dream and with your help and support she'd get there. Her motto is Heaven is my start point and nothing is impossible if you believe.

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