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Friday, 18 July 2014

New Music: MrEbis - Push Yourself + When Jesus Says yes cover + Lyrics

It is graduation season in the UK as most of the universities are having their graduation this week. In celebration of his graduation from Coventry University, MrEbis drops these new releases, PUSH YOURSELF which he hopes will inspire people to keep striving towards achieving their laid out goals as sometimes, just a little push is what is needed. 

WHEN JESUS SAYS YES is a cover of Michelle Williams new single which was performed by Soteria and features Live Bass guitar play by one of UK's finest Bassist Daniel 'Dbaze' Opaluwa. Both songs were produced by MrEbis and was recorded in Coventry England.

Push Yourself Lyrics
Life is not a bed of Roses
As you have probably noticed
Many things will come your way
They'll try to take your joy away
But you have to know one thing
Quitters don't win and winners don't quit
Tap from the strength you have deep within
Freely Given to you by the Almighty
Let not your heart be troubled 
Let it not be dismayed
Just keep on trusting and believing
No matter what comes your way.
Everything is possible
The power to achieve resides in you.
Keep your head up, believe in yourself
Believe in yourself Believe in yourself

You can make it if you keep on trying (echo)
What doesn't kill you only makes you strong (echo)
Help will come when you least expect
You can not give up right here
You should keep pushing yourself 
Push yourself, push yourself

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