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Sunday, 21 December 2014

New Music: MrEbis - No Christmas without you

In the Spirit of the Season, Here is UK based Nigerian Producer MrEbis with a very Christmassy tune for everyone. The song hopes to remind everyone of how important, we all are to one another, as it is not so pleasant to celebrate alone.  Merry Christmas and Compliments of the Season.


It's the time of the year again, when the place feels so cold
It's the time when we celebrate, The Son of the living God.
I don't know how your year has been, But it's coming to an end.
We're just thankful for all that has been, And the Big good times ahead.

Ohh  oh oh oh oh oh oh oh Christmas time is here again
Ohh  oh oh oh oh oh oh oh There's no Christmas without you

People come, people go, Nothing stays the same
But i 'm just grateful, to have you here
Now you are here with me, right where you belong
And I will cherish this moment, before they disappear


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