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Sunday, 1 January 2017

New Project: 52 weeks / 52 Business Start-up Ideas for Nigeria


On returning to Nigeria after 5 years of studying in the United Kingdom, I noticed how seriously under-developed the Nigerian society was in terms of the unavailability of certain basic amenities and the seeming adverse effect of unemployment among the young.

I kept hearing people say that there are no Jobs in Nigeria, and all the stories about needing to know people at the top to get a chance at getting a good Job. It never made much sense to me.  I imagined a scenario which does attempts to explain the absurdity of the status quo.

A man comes home and sees the grasses overgrown, gutter filled with rubbish, the garden untidy with plastic and other pieces of paper trashed on the floor, inside the house upside down with tables and chairs upturned as though there was a teenage students fight at a night party the previous night. In summary the whole house is a mess (chaos).

The man enters into his house wondering what must have happened only to be cheerfully welcomed by his grown children and other members of his household who seemed happy to have him back. He wondered why they were all relaxed, at home, why the house was the way it was. Only to be given a most absurd response.

There are no Jobs......

Does this sound familiar? A country in a mess, things seem upside down and in same vein, we still have a problem of unemployment??

Leads me to the following questions,
Do you want a Job, or do you just want to be paid
Do you want to work, or do you just want to be fed.

While it may be possible to explain or attempt to make an excuse for such high level of unemployment where it appears there is a lot of work to be done, I believe there is a whole lot we all can do as Nigerians if we accept to take responsibility for ourselves, our people, our environment and the Country at large.

In the past one year I have seen loads of opportunities and had several ideas which can offer opportunities for business development and employment generation. To have ideas and imagine noble innovative solutions could come cheaply to some and not so cheaply to another, but it is much more work to bring such ideas to fruition. There is a whole lot of other things to put into consideration and high level of commitment and passion would be required as well to remain focused.

This project is hereby intended to share some of my ideas with everyone, hoping that as many that would try or commit themselves to making any one of these ideas come to life, would be able to provide both direct and indirect employment as well as help the local economy.

I would be stating the Ideas and would cover the following topical areas as regards the idea.

1. The Idea
2. Why??? Is there a market for this?
3. The Business model Canvas
     -The value proposition    
     -Customer segment       
     -Customer Channels
     -Customer Relationship 
     -Key Activities                 
     -Key Resources
     -Key Partners                  
     -Cost structure               
     -Revenue streams
4. Competition
5. Risk
6. Financial estimates

So, every wednesday, all through the year 2017, one business idea will be presented here.

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